Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, that didn't work so brilliantly ... perhaps the labour of photography (at which I am, I admit, rubbish); but more, I think maintaining the concept of fictional nations requires a certain folie a deux, for which I lack a co-conspirator. Never mind, for the moment, I'll just use this for my sundry battle reports and painting project reports.

Which reminds me, I must take an audit of what I've got, and what still needs painting (*wince*). Haven't touched the Byzantines, Nubians, Romans, Aztecs, or Dacians which I know are lurking around: on the bright side, making progress with the SYW figures that I can't find a regular opponent to play (!) - still have an unopened box from Front Rank, plus a regiment of British cav needing retouching (thanks eBay), and 5 regiments of British foot only undercoated, plus a light infantry unit. That might be all the outstanding 25mm lead ... then there's the 30YW French, Anglo-Irish, and Arabo-Aramaean 15mm armies, and I think enough lead to make up a Kushite army as well. Hmm, have to find something new to use all those Arabo-Aramaean archers for, now the army doesn't exist. Hmm. Oh, and the French knights if I can ever get hold of Matt the Painter.

Anyway, the painted 28mm SYW now consists of:
Prussians: 2x32 foreign Guard, 32 Prussian Guard, 32, 24 & 20 Grenadiers, 2x32 Fusiliers, 4x32 Line, 2x12 Freikorps, 16 & 2x12 Cuirassiers, 16 & 12 Dragoons, 6 guns
French: 32 & 24 Grenadiers, 3x32 Irish, 4x32 & 1x16 Line, 2x12 Chasseurs a pied, 16&12 Cuirassiers, 16&12 Dragoons, 16 Hussars, 12 Hussars needing repaint, 4 guns
British: 24 Dragoons, 32 Fusiliers, 2x32 Line
Americans: 2x24 & 2x20 Continentals, 2x27 & 4x18 Militia, 3x12 Rifles & skirmishers
Russians: 32 Line
Austrians: 3x32 German Line, 12 Cuirassiers
Also, 4 Battalion guns suitable for any army.

A notable dearth of artillery (it's pricey stuff!), which will be partly corrected by the new shipment of lead, and partly by detaching the crews, so the guns can be used in any army, with appropriate gunners attached.