Monday, April 28, 2008


Packed at last! A mere, lets see, 47 drawers, 15 file boxes, and 12 sundry boxes filled with painted and unpainted lead (an alarming amount of unpainted lead - including, just in ancients, 15mm Ottomans, Anglo-Irish, Gauls, Caesarian Romans, LAP, Greek/Macedonians, PreIslamic Arab, and 25/28mm Romans, Late Romans, Greeks, Macedonians, Medieval allsorts, Aztecs, Arab Conquest/Empire, Byzantines, and Anglo-Danes... plus more I've doubtless forgotten).

Now to finish packing the books ...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Painting update

Well, packing for the Great Move to the USA proceeds apace, and - as it turns out - is a beneficial prompter of painting, as I need to take regular breaks from the packing, which easily converts into small batches of painting interspersed with the wrapping of toys in bubblewrap.

Anyway, I've now added:
British: another 2x32 Line, 2x32 Grenadiers, 32 more Fusiliers, and 12 Light Infantry
(total: 24 Dragoons, 4x32 Line, 2x32 Fusiliers, 2x32 Grenadiers, 2x12 Light Infantry)
Austrians: 8 Line infantry (strays)

I've also been buying up cheap Front Rank SYW from eBay, to the tune of: 260 British infantry, 213 Prussian infantry, 46 British cavalry, 16 Austrian Cuirassiers, 29 Austrian Dragoons, 150 Austrian infantry, 75 Austrian Infantry (Hungarians), 36 Swedish infantry, 36-ish Russian infantry, and 12 Pandours: aside from the shipment of Front Rank last year, of artillery, and British & American cavalry, which I've forgotten the numbers for.

Perhaps time to stop for a while - thats about 25 more regiments of foot, aside of the rest!