Thursday, December 16, 2010

Emerging like Venus from the surf, albeit rather uglier and better-dressed

Well, with the sale & despatch of the bulk of my 28mm armies, I've had the financial opportunity to build some 15mm(ish) armies, along with the time to paint some, what with having no toys to push around the table. So, one large order to Eureka, and one equally large to OG15s, has furnished me with a sufficient pile of lead to ensure my personal viability for another year or two*.

So far, I've managed to get painted up Eureka Prussians and Austrians, about half an army of each so far ... specifically:
The Dunkelblau now boast 2 brigades of musketeers, one of fusiliers, and one of grenadiers, along with 2 brigades of cuirassiers, and no less than 12 batteries of artillery (this may have been excessive!). Still languishing, undercoated but unpainted, are 3 more brigades of musketeers, one of grenadiers, one of fusiliers, and of course the Guards Brigade: plus 2 brigades of Dragoons and sundry commanders, limbers, wagons, and other riffraff.

Der Weiss now have 2 brigades of German foot, one of Hungarians, and 2 more of grenadiers, supported by a brigade of cuirassiers and another of dragoons, and 8 batteries of artillery, and a train of ammunition wagons (shock horror). Petitioning for redress is still another brigade of german foot, another of Hungarians, and a brigade of Netherlanders, with a contingent from the Empire of 2 more brigades, with another cuirassier and another dragoon brigade lurking there somewhere.

Then there are the French and Anglo-Hanoverian forces, almost as large.

Hopefully the festive break will yield enough time for a few photos of the painted portion of these forces, and perhaps sufficient for a small push-of-pike with them