Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goedelesherbach, Assault! (Pt II)

A further dispatch from our undaunted reporter as arrived at L'Observateur, still stained with pigeon-droppings:

Much furious action has erupted on the right of the field!  While the Transoceanic mounted hastened forward, seeking conclusions before the odds lengthened further, neither Tanqueray nor Schimmelpfennig were loth to meet them, and the clash of sabres resounded loud! Tanqueray's two small dragoon regiments faced the two larger Arvergnian units, with mixed results (each winning one melee), while Schimmelpfennigs brave Teutons had the luxury of both pouncing on the solitary regiment of Colonian dragoons. 

Colonel Ford attempted to enthuse his raw Colonian lads, but a quick passage of arms put the whole regiment out of action, and the Braunschweiger horse poured into the laboring Arvergnians, quickly setting the whole brigade to flight -  the Hamburger Horse regiment decided to pursue them far into the distance, eliminating themselves from the further struggle.

Fore, Hennessy's Dragoons struggle against the North Picts, while the Ibernian Dragoons rally, and the Braunschweiger Horse move to support. In the distance, Chryslers brigade of Colonian militia advance hesitantly off their hill.

General Claret scoured the battlefield across the river anxiously with his telescope, then elected, in a rash moment(1), to commit his reserves to support Clintons troops there, dispatching the Maison (Cuirassiers du Roi and Chevaliers de la Reine) to hasten across the Ford, and following up with Studebaker's veteran Colonian foot. 

While these formed up, the advancing Icenians of Watneys' brigade of foot were encompassing the doom of the valiant Colonian Militia. Chrysler, the Colonian brigadier, saw the approaching doom - 4 regiments of Icenians leading off, with the menace of 3 regiments of Guards marching down the road behind them, and the dust in the distance presaging even more reinforcement.

 (rear) Watney's brigade advancing on the Colonial militia

Menaced by the rallied Icenian horse on his flank, Colonel Chrysler attempted to form on two fronts, leaving the 2 battalions of the New Guernsey States Guard overwhelmed by the lethal musketry of the Silurian Fusiliers and 3 full regiments of other Icenian infantry. His remaining battalions manouevred desparately, to little avail, before being quickly torn asunder by steady volleys.

The Maison du Roi hasten across the river, while (rear) Chrysler's Brigade form up to try and fend off an apparently endless stream of Icenians.

While the foot were being cruelly torn apart, Brigadier Lafitte and his proud Maison were discovering the disadvantages of trying to deploy in the face of the enemy. The Cuirassiers du Roi barely managed to form a line atop the Doltberg hill, before the Icenian dragoon brigade, shouting strange Gaelic cries, charged straight up at them, while the rallied Braunschweig Horse fell upon their open flank.

The Chevaliers du Roi fleeing into the Goedel marshes, chastened by the pursuing Braunschweigers

The Chevaliers de la Reine were in turn caught forming up by the jubilant Icenians, and put to flight back across the ford in short order. Great will be the lamentations amongst the court in Trianon this summer, at the loss of their favorites.

The North Picts and Ibernians crushing the Chevaliers de la Reine

Colonel Chrysler managed to rally his foot briefly, but was then overwhelmed again by the oncoming flood of Icenian foot and horse.

Chrysler's last stand, with General Clinton slipping away to the rear

Meanwhile, on the left, Claret's assault on the village of Esher progressed much more smoothly. He had placed three brigades of foot each in 2 lines, Taittingers foot, then Martell's, then Pontiac's Colonian brigade. The far left was covered by the Chasseurs de Bouillebas, while Brigadier Bollinger held his 2 regiments of Chevau Leger in reserve.

The Chasseurs and Taittingers Brigade waded through a tall corn field, and in their initial skirmishing, the Chasseurs decisively out-shot the Caledons, and Campbells' regiment took to their heels, their ridiculous skirts flouncing behind them. 

(left) The Chasseurs Bouillabasse putting Campbell to flight
Next into action, Pontiac's brigade plunged into the assault on the village, with Greene's Continentals clearing the Pferdweiss inn in fine style, driving the 57th Foot back to sulk in the Schneiderhaus behind the inn. The sight of the Colonian colors fluttering atop the roof of the inn brought a sturdy cheer, and a similar fluttering in the heart of all patriotic Arvergniards!

Major Greene brandishing the Liberty Standard from the roof of the Pferdweiss gasthaus

The assault has progressed successfully, with Martell's brigade clearing the houses bordering the Inn, and exchanges of musketry now rocketing across the main street of Esher.

Martell, and the assembled artillery, pounding the middle of the village

 At the riverline, Studebaker's brigade of foot, and the Gens d'armes, are deployed in defense, while the Butcher of Bakersfield has ordered his Teuton horse to venture to swim the current, while his brigades of foot approach the ford and contemplate an opposed crossing.

 The Braunschweig Horse swimming across the Goedel

(1) I assigned a 3-6 roll for him to decide to defend the river bank, so naturally he rolled a 1.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goedelesherbach, the opening

Our fearless reporter for  L'Observateur has sent in a hurried initial dispatch from the clash of arms:

With le Marquis de Rohan stricken and restricted to his clutching at passing sailors from his sickbed, his second, M le Marquis de Claret, has taken charge of the mighty forces of L'Armee de la Grohne, and in accordance with the instructions bellowed at him*, has sought action with the combined Icenian-Thuringian forces around Kleinschweinestallstadt

Icenian defenses at Esher

Le Marquis' initial attack is driving along the left bank of the mighty Goidel, and has encountered initial resistance esconced in the town of Esher, consisting of a brigade of Icenian foot and another of barbarous Caledons in their dreadful skirts (and worse music).

Arvergnian forces arrayed for the attack

However, seeing approaching dust clouds, he has thrust across the river with some of his many mounted forces, and a brigade of ragtag Colonian foot drawn from General Clinton's contribution to the Transoceanic Alliance. These are detailed to guard the Fords of Fools and  keep his flank secure.
Colonian forces and a brigade of Dragoons

Sure enough, the dust quickly consolidated into an approaching brigade of Icenians, accompanied by the barbarous Butcher of Bakersfield, Crown Prince Hedwig himself (Ready Eddie to his cronies), with his usual attendant butler and courtesan.

Dewars Brigade of Foot approaches

General Clinton, with his customary circumspection, has immediately thrown forward all his forces, directing the nervous Colonian  Horse to menace the approaching foot, while the Arvergnian Dragoons are directed to the right, to counter the approaching Thuringer horse brigade.

Clinton (foreground) directing traffic

However, disconcerting his plans, Brigadier Tanqueray and his Icenian Union brigade has also trotted onto the field to support the Thuringern, leaving the Arvergnard Dragoons ruefully counting the odds.

Foreground, Col Hennessy's Dragoon brigade adding up, and not liking the answer
Schimmelpfennig's brigade and Tanqueray's Union Brigade facing them.

All is now poised to see the clash of sabres!

*Audace, toujours l'audace!