Monday, October 15, 2007

Mutiny in the ranks!

Akk. I've been beseiged all evening by a pestilence of skirmishers. Upset at being omitted from the relevant lists of armies, the Arvergnard regiments:
  • Arquebusiers de Grassins (12 Skirmishers)
  • Fusiliers de Conti (15 Skirmishers)
have been pestering me to rectify my glaring omission, while the Kruppfalz troops:
  • Freikorps von Kleist (12 veteran skirmishers)
  • Freikorps von Bulow (15 2nd-rate skirmishers)
have simply staged a strike for double-pay in recompense. Consider me suitably chastised: and as double nothing is nothing, I thought to offer the Freikorps triple-pay instead.

Grand Icenia

I've only made small inroads on collecting the fourth army, that of Grand Icenia and Thuringer. So far, I've accumulated some pre-painted figures, courtesy of the Great Bazaar of eBay, and none painted by my own hand: however, with the damn Yankees almost complete, this is about to change. What I have to hand is:

  • 7th (Silure) Fusiliers: 32 Veteran Line
  • 12th Regiment: 32 Line
  • 58th Regiment: 32 Line

  • Royal Lifeguard: 24 Cuirassiers
However, on the painting board are:
  • 1st (Pict) Fusiliers: 24 Veteran Line
  • 3rd Regiment: 24 Line
  • 27th Regiment: 24 Line
  • Maxwells (Fusilier) converged Grenadiers: 20 Grenadiers
  • Richards (12/58) Grenadiers: 16 Grenadiers
  • Farquharson's (3/27) Grenadiers: 16 Grenadiers
  • 1st Battery, Royal Artillery: 3 12#
  • 2nd Battery, Royal Artillery: 3 6#
And in the further distance, yet to be undercoated:
  • 43rd Light Infantry: 12 Veteran Skirmishers
  • 52nd Light Infantry: 12 Skirmishers
  • 60th Rifles: 8 2nd class Skirmishers
  • 1st (Royal) Dragoons: 12 Heavy Cavalry
  • 2nd (Pict) Dragoons: 9 Heavy Cavalry
  • 5th (Ibern) Light Dragoons: 9 Light Cavalry
Eventually, I'm aiming to add a 3rd Artillery battery, and perhaps another cavalry regiment; and to expand all the line infantry to 32-strong regiments.

Grand Army of the Republic

I've almost completed the third force, the Rebel Scum Confederated States of Colonia, close allies to Arvergne ever since the Great Rebellion against their rightful and natural overlords, the Brigants. Being new and poor, they are so far lacking in cavalry, and their artillery has yet to be delivered by the foundries of Lyon and Dijon.

So far, the army thus consists of two divisions, from their most populace states:

  • 1st Algonquin Continentals - 24 Line
  • 2nd New Hull Continentals - 24 Line
  • 5th Algonquin Continentals - 16 2nd class Line
  • 6th Somerset Continentals - 16 2nd class Line
  • Green Mountain Rifles - 12 Veteran skirmishers
  • New Hull States Guard - 18 Militia
  • New Somerset States Guard - 18 Militia

  • 3rd Bawdian Continentals - 24 Line
  • 4th Bawdian Continentals - 20 Line
  • 7th North Clementine Continentals - 16 2nd class Line
  • Hatfield Rifles - 12 Veteran skirmishers
  • North Clementine Regiment - 24 Militia
  • South Clementine State Guard - 18 Militia
  • Janeland Home Guard - 18 Militia

Two batteries of artillery should shortly be making their way into the lists, and eventually the odd squadron of dragoons may finish falling off their horses training, and add their weight to the army.

Friday, October 12, 2007

L'armee de l'Arvergne

The other large force I've more or less completed, is the Arvegnch army. This so far consists of:

  • Grenadiers d'Arvergne, 24 Guards
  • Grenadiers de Savoye, 24 Guards

  • Bulkeley Regiment, 32 Line (Hiberns)
  • Dillon Regiment, 32 Line (Hiberns)
  • Clare Regiment, 32 Line (Hiberns)

  • Normandie Regiment, 32 2nd-class Line
  • Picardie Regiment, 32 2nd-class Line
  • Limousin Regiment, 32 2nd-class Line
  • Auxerre Regiment, 18 2nd-class Line

  • Les Bourbons, 16 Cuirassiers
  • Les Mousquetairs, 12 Cuirassiers
  • l'Allemands, 16 Dragoons
  • Maistre de Camp Dragoons, 12 Dragoons
  • Chasseurs de Fischer, 16 Hussars
  • Maroczy Hussars, 12 Hussars (on loan from the Skyrian army)

  • Dole Artillery, 2 12# pieces
  • Vesoul Artillery, 2 6# pieces

Other than rounding out the Auxerre, no plans are afoot for this army.

The Army of Der Kruppfalz

After some consideration & playtesting (and much dithering), I've settled on Kunstkrieg, the SYW variant on General de Brigade, as the most suitable rules for my troops, and have based them up on that basis - not least because I've always favoured large regiments as giving more visual grandeur.

At the moment, Der Kruppsarmee consists : (pix to be added later)

  • Erprince Regiment (IR1), 2 battalions, each 24 Guard
  • Oldenburg Regiment (IR7), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Ostergotland Regiment (IR9), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Livgarden Regiment (IR2), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Vastmanland Regiment (IR10), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Knyphausen comb. Grenadiers, 1 battalion, 32 Grenadiers

  • Sobiesky Fusiliers (IR14), 1 battalion, 32 Line
  • Butyrsky Fusiliers (IR16), 1 battalion, 24 Line
  • Lowenstein comb. Grenadiers, 1 battalion, 24 Grenadiers

  • von Lentulus Kurasserie (KR3), 12 Veteran Cuirassiers
  • von Seelhorst Kurasserie (KR6), 12 Cuirassiers
  • von Seydlitz Kurasserie (KR8), 16 Cuirassiers
  • Kalkreuth Dragoons (DR4), 12 Dragoons
  • Bayreuth Dragoons (DR5), 16 Veteran Dragoons

  • Detwald Heavy Battery, 2 12#
  • Julich Medium Battery, 2 6#

The whole is usually commanded by General von Finck, with General Lentulus and Die Altenburger leading the infantry brigades, and General Lavoissier the Dragoons - the Kurasserie has yet to find a stable commander capable of not being shot out of the saddle, slain by his wristwatch, or fleeing like a very frenchman at the first shot.

In the fullness of time, it is intended to round the army out with another pair of infantry regiments (Pfalz-Sonderheim and Schaumburger-Lippe), a Hussar regiment, some more artillery, and of course, another draught of Dragoons to expand the Bayreuth regiment's strength. Much of this already resides in the fabulous riches of Der Unbemalte Stapel (The Unpainted Pile), languishing along many an Arab, Byzantine, Roman and so on.

Wye Knott

I suppose it's inevitable even the old grumblers will venture into Blogosphere - scouts posted, sentries alerted, and muskets loaded, of course.

This is intended to be a fairly occasional blog, to let me track the size and growth of my seven years war collection, and the nations thereof, and any battle reports that might ensue. Being of grandiose ambition (and ever-expanding, like my waistline, it seems), I have not a single fantasy nation, but a whole continent of them:

Der Kruppfalz (und konigreich von Rugia), ruled by the wily Kurfurst Leopold, and his dimwit son, Landgrave Joachim.

The Monarchy of Arvergne, lorded over by the otiose King Louis XXXIII

The Holy Gothic Empire (also known as the Twin Thrones, of Skyria and Avary), held in the iron fist of the Empress Josefina as Regent for her slackwilled son, Villy .. also nominally ruling over the sprawling mass of duchies, bishoprics, marks, and freistadts making up the bulk of Alamanny.

The realm of Suzlov, more or less ruled by the Tsar Vladimir

The Kingdom of Grand Icenia (or Brigant, colloquially), with it's appanage, the Duchy of Thuringer, in the firm, fair hands of King Charles III

The Rebel Scum, err, rather the Confederated States of Colonia - principally the Commonwealths of Algonquin and Bawdia, ruled by none, with the People's Assembly allegedly organising them.

and lesser players and occasions for war, such as
The Frisian Republic
The Helvetian Republic
The monarchy of Ispania
The principality of Lusitania