Tuesday, February 15, 2011


And last, and probably least, come the corps of Dragoons:

Here is Freiherr von Zastrow leading DR12 Herzog von Wuerttemburg Dragoons, and DR 3 Truchess Dragoons

And here GM von Hartmann heading his substrength brigade, DR 8 Alt-Platen Dragoons and DR 11 Jung-Platen Dragoons (both awaiting drafts of reinforcements). Behind him is GM Graf von Oppenheimer with 'those damn Lebanese' as Popsy refers to them, the overweening and overstrength DR5 Bayreuth Dragoons*

*Well what self-respecting Prussian DOESNT have a Bayreuth Dragoons, after all

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mehr alte blaue

Some more of the refurbished and scaled-down Kruppsarmee:

On the left, GM von Ohm meeting some resistance in leading his brigade, IR4 Kalnein and IR16 von Dohna, while on the right the great and good Leopold II, Elector of Krup, Erherzog of Pfalz, and Fuerst des Friedens (Popsy to his intimates) with some pioneers and the baggage train straggling behind him.
And here, GM Roentgen's grenadier brigade, clicking off the paces metronomically (IR2/3 Manstein, IR7/31 Kanitz, IR33/36 Kreytzen, and IR6/G1 Kleist converged grenadiers), beside GM von Hahn with a brigade of fusiliers - IR36 Moschow Fusiliers and IR33 Butyrskiy Fusiliers. Leading the division is FM Grossherzog Friedrich von Altenburg (Der Altenburger to friend and foe alike)

GM Lavoissiers' brigade of Cuirassiers - KR1 Buddenbrock leading, followed by KR3 Liebgarde zu Pferde.

and rounding it off, FML von Baedecker's Cuirassiers - KR5 Brandenburg and KR11 Lieb Karabinier

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kruppfalz rises again

Well, the fruits of my labours over the 15mm (err, well 18mm mostly) figures are coming ripe.

First off, 2 brigades of line infantry - on the left, IR 1 Winterfeld, and IR 20 Zastrow, with GM Schwartzchild looking radially at them, and on the right IR 28 Hautcharmoy and IR 32 Tresckow, led by GM Fahrenheit, looking as cool as ever:

Next, another pair of line brigades, on the left GM von Heisenberg rather uncertainly leading IR 3 Anhalt-Dessauer and IR 2 Ostergoetland, and beside him GM Graf von Bohr parading IR 7 Alt-Bevern and IR 31 Lestwitz.

The resultant combined grenadier battalions are also ready to march, and should make the show next time