Saturday, January 2, 2010

New recruits

Some new recruits - these guys didnt actually make it into the pix of undercoated figures earlier (I forgot, they were on the spraying board out in the garage, duh), but given my perennial shortage of artillery, I thought this is the place to start. First off, 2 batteries of Skyrians, resplendent in their evil leers of positively Bearsteinian aspect:

Next, a draft of levied peasants fresh from the toil and soil of beautiful Arvergne, still with the vines in their pockets (and ears)

Finally, the Thuringer have eventually gotten around to paying their Kanonmeister, so a battery of 12 pounders has wended its dilatory way into the ranks:

I'm reasonably content with getting that lot done since Christmas, in between the usual festive duties, and a little more surgery on one leg.

I should perhaps note that the Arvergnians (French), contrary to my usual standard, have been uniformed in grey rather than the more appropriate dark blue, primarily because almost -everyone- seems to have uniformed their artillery in blue and I wanted to stop losing them in the general ranks of the Prussian crews.
Update note:

I had a quick run of the Skyrian artillery nestled on a ridge (just testing out rushing artillery with cavalry, then with infantry) and they proved positively Bearsteinian in their accuracy and morale as well, destroying a brigade of valiant Cuirassiers before the glimmer of a drawn sabre was seen, then crushing a brigade of Colonia's finest continentals, repelling the final bayonet charge in fine style with swinging rammers and a volley of complaints about their bad backs. Most fiercesome - if they carry on with dice rolls like this, they will prove a formidable obstacle to the victorious march of Kruppfalz


Fitz-Badger said...

"evil leers of positively Bearsteinian aspect", eh? Did some "vile" person put you up to that? ;-)

Nice work on the minis!

Die alte Aechzener said...

Me? accept a bribe? No, no ... it's just a subsidy I tell you :)