Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Battle at Altenhof: Orders of Battle and Deployment

Kruppfalz Order:
The excellent General von Finck
von Funck's Brigade (2 bns each, Livgarden Regt and Sobieski Fusiliers, Planks artillery)
von Pirch's Brigade (2bns each, Oldenburg Regt and Butyrski Fusiliers, Ohms artillery)
von Bulow's Brigade (2bns each, Garde zu Fuss, converged Grenadiers von Blum)
Lavoissier's Brigade (Kalkreuth Dragoons, half-strength Bayreuth Dragoons)
Roentgen's Artillery company (12 pders)

Skyrian Order:
The bombastic General von Kirchwasser
Traminer's Brigade (2bns each, Von Moltke and Waldeck Regiments, Stollen's artillery)
Riesling's Brigade (2bns Deutschmeister Regt, 2 bns Ekaterina Regt [Kaluga], Schnizel's artillery)
Muscat's Brigade (5 bns, converged Grenadiers)
Muller-Thurgau's Brigade (Silvaner's Dragoons, O'Reilly Dragoons)
Mosel Hussar Regiment

Deployment - the Skyrian Right Wing

Skyrian Right Wing
On the right, after some sonorous speechifying by Kirchwasser, the dragoons brigade of Muller-Thurgau and von Rieslings infantry were posted. Facing them turned out to be, well, nothing much, Finck having refused this flank, deploying von Funck's Brigade behind the Kieferkleinwald to slow the Skyrian rush for his baggage train and paychest.

Kruppfalz Right Wing
On the left, the Skyrian hussars were left facing the weight of the Kruppfalz dragoons, with Traminer's foot to contest with Pirchs brigade, and the opposing grenadier brigades more or less facing each other. Finck also managed to mass his artillery, placing the 12 pounder company between the 2 lighter brigades beside the wood, an ominous threat for Traminer's men

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I dare suspect that much leaden blood will soon be spent as these armies strive for victory.

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