Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goedelesherbach, the opening

Our fearless reporter for  L'Observateur has sent in a hurried initial dispatch from the clash of arms:

With le Marquis de Rohan stricken and restricted to his clutching at passing sailors from his sickbed, his second, M le Marquis de Claret, has taken charge of the mighty forces of L'Armee de la Grohne, and in accordance with the instructions bellowed at him*, has sought action with the combined Icenian-Thuringian forces around Kleinschweinestallstadt

Icenian defenses at Esher

Le Marquis' initial attack is driving along the left bank of the mighty Goidel, and has encountered initial resistance esconced in the town of Esher, consisting of a brigade of Icenian foot and another of barbarous Caledons in their dreadful skirts (and worse music).

Arvergnian forces arrayed for the attack

However, seeing approaching dust clouds, he has thrust across the river with some of his many mounted forces, and a brigade of ragtag Colonian foot drawn from General Clinton's contribution to the Transoceanic Alliance. These are detailed to guard the Fords of Fools and  keep his flank secure.
Colonian forces and a brigade of Dragoons

Sure enough, the dust quickly consolidated into an approaching brigade of Icenians, accompanied by the barbarous Butcher of Bakersfield, Crown Prince Hedwig himself (Ready Eddie to his cronies), with his usual attendant butler and courtesan.

Dewars Brigade of Foot approaches

General Clinton, with his customary circumspection, has immediately thrown forward all his forces, directing the nervous Colonian  Horse to menace the approaching foot, while the Arvergnian Dragoons are directed to the right, to counter the approaching Thuringer horse brigade.

Clinton (foreground) directing traffic

However, disconcerting his plans, Brigadier Tanqueray and his Icenian Union brigade has also trotted onto the field to support the Thuringern, leaving the Arvergnard Dragoons ruefully counting the odds.

Foreground, Col Hennessy's Dragoon brigade adding up, and not liking the answer
Schimmelpfennig's brigade and Tanqueray's Union Brigade facing them.

All is now poised to see the clash of sabres!

*Audace, toujours l'audace!


Capt Bill said...

Great troops, but I really like your buildings and backdrop. Sounds like some of your brigades might enjoy a drink from time to time...

Die alte Aechzener said...

It was a great enlightenment to me, and explained virtually all medieval history, when I realised noone drank the water, and stuck to beer. When you think of history in terms of everyone being pissed by lunchtime, it explains an awful lot of these battles & wars :)

Fitz-Badger said...

I had a history professor in college who told us the Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock because they were running low on beer! ha ha

Nice opening report! I like your backdrop and buildings, too. All those buildings crowded together really gives an impression of a town rather than just a handful of individual buildings.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Please add me to those who liked your "towns". Your troops are impressive as well.

-- Jeff

Die alte Aechzener said...

Thanks! the white pseudo-Tudor ones are kitsets from Armorcast. The mass of smaller ones are large 15mm from my Flames of War stash - lovely buildings with separate rooves for installing garrisons, wish I could remember the manufacturer as I could do with a pile more of them.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I saw in the distance the coutesan, but that dude beside her. Butler, was it ... or Bottler?
Nice pictures... and that big red building in the major town... I'm going to make one of those for myself... An edifice to adorn any wargames table!