Saturday, November 6, 2010


Alas, due to the ever increasing weight of meine guten soldaten and the declining state of my health and fitness, I have decided to downsize enormously.

Specifically, to give up 28mm and build up 15mm (well 18mm) armies instead, so there will be something of a hiatus here while I purchase and paint up replacement armies (and sell off the existing ones to fund this, of course)


Bluebear Jeff said...

While not personally interested, we do have EvE members who might well be interested in purchasing some of your figures.

I suggest that you use this blog to publish photos and links to whatever sales venue that you choose.

-- Jeff

Die alte Aechzener said...

Thanks Jeff - so far I've been having extremely good fortune selling off TMP, but I shall do this for anything that doesn't immediately get taken up

MurdocK said...

yes the shift in scale is an ongoing potential ... going through it my self for $$ reasons.

I did come to an idea that could be used to comine the use of the larger 54-28 mm with smaller 15-6mm scale troops.