Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kruppfalz rises again

Well, the fruits of my labours over the 15mm (err, well 18mm mostly) figures are coming ripe.

First off, 2 brigades of line infantry - on the left, IR 1 Winterfeld, and IR 20 Zastrow, with GM Schwartzchild looking radially at them, and on the right IR 28 Hautcharmoy and IR 32 Tresckow, led by GM Fahrenheit, looking as cool as ever:

Next, another pair of line brigades, on the left GM von Heisenberg rather uncertainly leading IR 3 Anhalt-Dessauer and IR 2 Ostergoetland, and beside him GM Graf von Bohr parading IR 7 Alt-Bevern and IR 31 Lestwitz.

The resultant combined grenadier battalions are also ready to march, and should make the show next time

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