Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A brief advertising interlude

Well, in conjunction with ditching my 28mm armies for 15mm, I now need to shed my 28mm terrain, where it's not compatible. Accordingly, I'm offering for sale my Armorcast houses, painted and constructed, at the same cost as the unpainted kits from Armorcast (plus postage at cost from Arkansas). Each is available individually. Please contact me at if you're interested.

These two are 2-story houses, 4"x3". with the rooves still removable, at $24 each. One of them has had a dormer window added.

Next are a pair of shops, 4.5"x4", two storey, at $29.00 each. Again, the roof for each is removable, and one of them has had a bay window added.

Finally, a large shop, 4x6", two storey, with removable roof, at $35.00

In addition to that, there is some 2"  wide cobbled roadway from Miniature Worldmakers. this is flexible latex, prepainted by them (and almost brandnew *sigh*). There are 2 12" strips of raised/embankment roads, 2 12" strips of sunken roadway, 2 12" strips with hedging (and gaps for farm entries/paths), 2 shorter strips with a 45 degree angle, 2 T junctions, and 1 X-junction. I'd prefer to sell this as a single group, rather than individual pieces - they costs me $131 (plus about $40 postage from Aussie), I'm offering this for $110 plus postage from AR.

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