Monday, April 26, 2010

Doctrinal revisionism

After much argument, discussion, consideration and meditation*, the noble Elector of Kruppfalz has issued a revised doctrine for his combined grenadier battalions.

While the practice of combining companies of stouthearted grenadiers into independant battalions is to continue on an ad-hoc basis, those officers who can be periodically expected to command such battalions shall be promoted to a new rank, Oberstleutnant, and shall be entitled to a permanent Fahntraeger, with their own personal standard to be displayed when in such command, in order to provide a rally point for their grenadiers and to encourage esprit de corps.

In a celebratory march, the newly minted Oberstleutnants displayed their new Fahnen -  visible nearest are the Wuppertal grenadiers, the Krup grenadiers, the Altenburg grenadiers, while leading the second column are the Alt-Knyphausen grenadiers, the Jung-Knyphausen grenadiers, and the Fahrenheit grenadiers.

A better view of the new flags:

The following day, the Graf von Krup issued a personal apology to the denizens of the Neumarkt suburb, and a solemn promise to rebuild the town hall, the church, the market, and recompense the proprietors of the Duck and Bill, and the Red Flag, for their losses. Rumours that Captain von Schloss has promised to marry the elder daughter of the proprietor of the Red Flag have been dismissed as "baseless, and besides he was drunk at the time"

* Not to mention losing 3 straight hands at the whist table to the Margrave of Wuppertal aka Minuet Moritz the Dance-master (to his friends).


Fitz-Badger said...

A colorful episode and nice idea!

Die alte Aechzener said...

Well, with access to a better paint program and a good color printer, I couldn't resist ....

Frankfurter said...

Lovely flags!

A J said...

Excellent! I'm going to use the option to converge grenadier companies on an ad-hoc basis, and might use your idea too.

abdul666 said...

A sound decision! Flags are so important for any regiments: not only as alignement fanions and rallying focus, but allowing anyone within visibility range what units fights well or behaves badly.
To develop an esprit de corps is essential for such task-force conglomerates of men severed from their regiments -their very 'homes' and 'families': "Mein regiment, mein heimatland..."