Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Torn from the Headlines (1)

Well sadly the wargaming table has been subject to a preemptive strike for the last month, and we have been unable to evict the occupying forces (my wife's dressmaking & tailoring, in this case), but campaign activities have progressed somewhat:

In the southeast, the forces Kruppfalz have riposted against Skyrian aggression (rather a pre-emptive riposte, as the Pfalzritter Allgemeine Zeitung reports it). The Skyrians however have rather trapped the intrepid Prinz Heinrich against the banks of the Moldau, and General Kirchwasser is reported to have hosted a magnificent banquet in anticipation of crushing the impudent Electoral forces at Sadbach.

Prince Heinrich was unavailable for comment, but while being refused, the intrepid PAZ reporter did notice a large case of genever being delivered to his tent.


Far to the west, L'Observateur the bold Marquis de Rohan and his stout Arvergnian troops have joined hands with General Clinton's Colonian forces, and drunk the Moselle thrust their way across the Moselle into the Duchy of Pfalz-Sonderheim, pressing the Butcher of Bakersfields' Icenian forces, and their Teuton allies, back against the defences around the capital, Kleinschweinestallstadt.

Duke Hedwig (the soi-disant Butcher) in return gave a brief interview with Der Spiegel asserting that his position at Goedelesherbach was impervious to any attempt by the Transoceanic Alliance to turn him out of it. After brushing off his newest turquoise demi-jacket, he delivered a mercifully-brief bombastic speech asserting his expected extermination of any such attempt, in his customary quavering contralto, and promised rivers of blood.

So, two battles poised for resolution, and nowhere to play, alas.


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice "teasers" - I shall look forward to battle reports in the future... :)

Bluebear Jeff said...

*sigh* . . . 'tis one of those difficulties that arise with marriage . . . fortunately there are some compensating advantages too . . . but they don't get table top battles fought.

-- Jeff

Archduke Piccolo said...

I wish I'd thought of 'Goedelescherbach' as a place name. :)