Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Altenhof: the Resolution

Young Marc now came galloping back through the pines, hat askew and red-faced. "Sir, Sir, Funck's brigade is engaging now! the Sobieski regiment has intruded a battalion through the wood, menacing the Skyrian flank, but one of the Livgarden battalions has taken a terrible caning from their musketry, and is in flight."

Otto grunted, "And their cavalry?" - "Oh, one regiment was destroyed by the Livgarden fire, the other has moved away towards the centre". With a handwave, Otto sent the ADC galloping back to his observation post, then trotted over to the reserve regiment of Butyrsky Fusiliers, to pass the order to be ready for an eruption of cavalry.

Livgarden regiment being pressed by the Austrians

Sure enough, right on queue, the Skyrian dragoons emerged, just as the Fusiliers faced towards them. They essayed a rapid charge, but the unbroken line of bayonets repelled them, and they halted, flank open to the remaining Krup artillery. Otto cheered, "Pour it in, lads, give them another volley!"  Satisfied that the menace to his flank was contained, he peered through the hills of smoke in front, trying to see how the Oldenburg regiment was faring face to face with the Austrian foot.

The O'Reilly Dragoons try conclusions with Sobieski Fusiliers

Hearing a tremendous hullabaloo to his right, he slewed around in the saddle, and peered through his telescope,. Migod! under pressure from the Garde zu Fuss to their front, the Skyrian grenadiers were crumbling from a charge of the Kalkreuth Dragoons into their flank  - it looked like they had broken through into one battalion, then swept on into the flanks of two more, tearing apart the grenadier reserve line.

Von Wesel and the Kalkreuth Dragoons destroying Muscat's Grenadier brigade

As Otto watched, in fascination, he saw the Dragoons drive on, pushing the last of the grenadiers before them, and scything into the Skyrian line brigade, already disordered by its' prolonged firefight with his own men.

The Kalkreuth Dragoons final charge, into the rear of the enemy line

Resuming his pipe, Otto puffed reflectively as the Skyrian remnants fled, and his men pushed forward trying to catch them. Marc came trotting back through the trees again, shaking his head as he saw the ruin of the enemy. "Well sir, Funck's lads put up a good fight, but got pushed back pretty thoroughly. They would have been in more trouble, but the enemy Brigadier obviously thought it better to save his own men, with the disaster happening over here.

The sole Skyrian success, breaking Funck's brigade


Archduke Piccolo said...

Quite a brisk action! The charge of the Kalkreuth Dragoons is quite in the tradition of heavy cavalry: delivering the battle-ending coup-de-grace. Glorious! (I've just corrected a typo that said 'gorious'. I dare say that was equally apt!).

Die alte Aechzener said...

Gore-ious it definitely was: a serious lesson to me on how devastating it can be in KK

justMike said...

Quite a roaring little engagement. Your troops look good and well set to their purpose. What scale please? - Mike (St. Maurice)

Die alte Aechzener said...

28s ... Foundry and Front Rank

Bluebear Jeff said...

KK? . . . is that for "Koenig Krieg"? If not, what rules?

-- Jeff

Die alte Aechzener said...

Yup - my first outing with Koenigs Krieg rules. I found that my current regiments convert quite handily to KK, turning 1 company to 1 battalion & 1 regiment to a 4-bn brigade.

A J said...

Speaking as one who has seldom had much luck commanding cavalry on the table, I'm quite inspired by the charge of the Kalkreuth Dragoons. It's nice when a plan comes together. Nice report!