Monday, March 15, 2010

Rogues Gallery

In addition to the recent recruiting drive, I have also added a few less martial figures to the collection

Our Hero, the Elector, book in hand, about to retire to a sylvan glade to read to his (well, someone's) wife while the young Prinz Wilhelm frolics

King George Hermann Friedrich, his Britannic Majesty, enjoying an afternoons' shooting, while his son, the Butcher of Bakersfield studiously applies himself to the study of anatomy.

Louis the Nth disports himself bibulously, while his latest mistress, Madame de Pompadour, preens for the artiste

Princess Mitzi anxiously casts about for her pup

The Empress Maria Tonia of Skyria, the evil witch of the South-east, allegedly on a recruiting drive.



Looks like a fine addittion to your collection. It is a shame that what few gamers in Ark are so far apart. You in little Rock and I reside in Portland near the La boarder.

Fitz-Badger said...

I think I recognize those figures. Nice work! Interesting to see how someone else paints and uses some of the same minis I have also painted.
And, as a Californian, I had a good laugh at the designation "Butcher of Bakersfield"! lol

Prince Lupus said...

Charming. The arched building is a beauty too.

Prince Lupus said...

Charming. The arched building is a beauty too.

abdul666 said...

Always a nice touch to have some civilian minis in addition to the strictly military (would Electoral Assassins [e. g.?] really be 'civilians'?). So much the more if 'giving substance and life' to characters of your Imagi-Nations: they contribute to make your brainchild richer and more 'real'.

tidders said...

nicely painted civilians.

-- Allan

Die alte Aechzener said...

Yes, the Arkansas community seems few and far-between. If you pass through Little Rock at any time, feel free to let me know & call in.

& Thanks, Fitz-Badger - after Butcher Cumberland, I couldn't resist the Arnie line :)