Monday, March 29, 2010

New recruits 4

Well the recruits are just flocking to the standards at the moment (which is funny, because flocking is the biggest holdup to them making it to the battlefield). The latest poor oppressed Skyrian peasants to be seduced by a silver penny reward, two regiments (4 battalions) of Hungarians:

The Gulyas Regiment

The Rakoczy Regiment

When playing BAR/Charge, these will neatly form a 4-company regiment of Hungarians, whcih works pretty well.

In addition to these, the exchequer has strained mightily and produced a few more artillery pieces - a pair of Kruppfalz howitzers (near), 2 Icenian 6pdrs, and a company of Skyrian 6pdrs, along with sundry civilian teams to mobilise them


Bluebear Jeff said...

With this rapid build-up of troops, one wonders if there is an offensive being planned . . . or if another state is also readying for combat.

The buildup looks good, sir.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice tight formations :)

justMike said...

Well done! Some tough looking characters there. What minis are these? You're right, flocking the bases seems to be the biggest holdup, although I must say your's came out very nice. C'est magnifique as we say here in the old country. - Mike (St. Maurice)

Die alte Aechzener said...

Thanks all -

Mike, these infantry are Front Rank, with a Foundry 'character' pack mixed in. The artillery & train however are OG

Jeff, these are Austrians errr Skyrians so being offensive is more or less a constant state of being! But with the advent of spring, young Rulers minds turn gently to thoughts of invasion, 'tis true

tidders said...

Nice looking troops and artillery park

-- Allan

A J said...

A burgeoning host indeed! I pity their poor opponents.