Friday, December 14, 2007

Bitburg, part five

As Lentulus deployed his grenadiers to storm the much-battered Inn, with his fusiliers behind them, the elite Erbprinz Regiment (in 2 battalions) filed onto the field, heading for the rather-depleted left wing: fortunately, the stern fighting over Bitburg itself had dissuaded the Arvergnians from pressing forward here, for fear of exposing their flank.

To Lentulus' relief, the Oldenburgs had managed to sort out their musketry woes, and forced La Marine to retreat, while they were replaced in the line by the reformed Normandie regiment, somewhat depleted from their ejection from Bitburg. In the centre, the Schwandrie combined Grenadiers and the 58th Foot joined hands, preparing to storm both town and Inn at once. (In the distance, you can see more Arvergnian horse filing onto the field).

On the left, the combination of two depleted fusilier battalions, and the heavy battery, had reduced the Clare Regiment to relative impotence, and they were showing signs of wavering - however, another Grenadier regiment had moved up to support them, and behind them, the Auxerre Regiment deployed in further support.

The disordered Kalkreuth Dragoons, having eliminated the Bourbon regiment by virtue of attrition and superior numbers, now launched themselves at the open flank of the retreating Normandie regiment, as a target too tempting to resist. Beyond them, the Bayreuth Dragoons swept forward, causing the gunners to abandon their ill-deployed guns, only to be met by another regiment of Arvergnian cavalry, Les Mousquetaires. The resounding crash of their meeting echoed over the field, but to no effect, as they drew.

On the left, you can see the Clare reigment now recoiling from the firefight, while the first Erbprinz regiment deploys into line, ready to replace the wavering fusiliers. Further in the distance, the resurgent 58th Foot seize Bitburg again, while the Inn is taken for the third and final time, by Lentulus' grenadiers. Alas, the fair Bernice had by now been spirited out of the inn.

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