Friday, December 14, 2007

Bitburg, part Two

Rathenau had meanwhile led his dragoons over to the west of town, and the Kalkreuth dragoons were mounting the first of the low ridges there: their appearance caused some consternation amongst the Arvergneaux, and the Normandie Foot regiment had formed square in response.

Now, as the dragoons marched urgently off, his own brigade started pouring down the road, and he trotted down to join the head of the column, aiming to march in support of the dragoons**

At this time, the Grenadiers flung themselves at the Inn again, successfully ejecting the Icenian fusiliers.

On the left, the exchange of fire continued, with the faltering Arvergnian foot being now supported by the Regiment de Clare, against the superior numbers and discipline of the Icenians.

As he joined the Livgarden Regiment, he saw the Savoyards launch their third assault on the (rather battered-looking) Inn, while to the west he could hear trumpets blowing the charge - the Kalkreuth Dragoons had apparently found a target (not, he prayed fervently, that French square).

Indeed, it was not, but rather the unfortunate Bulkeley Regiment: Patrick Bulkeley having misestimated the reach of the dragoons, and neglected to form up from march-column, and was caught by the squadron-columns of the Kalkreuths (above, about to start their charge).
Meanwhile, the 12th Foot had pressed their advantage against Picardie, advancing to close range (while the second battalion of fusiliers dropped back into support, leaving room for the continued bombardment of the town), and Picardie was rapidly wilting under the storm of shot.

** Not to mention the juicy target of a regimental square of French!

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