Friday, December 14, 2007

Bitburg, part three

Here you can see Lentulus' troops marching up to reinforce, while on the right the Kalkreuth Dragoons ride roughshod over the Bulkeley Regiment, their first victim of the day, and the Bayreuth Dragoons skirt circumspectly around the Arvergnian square. In the centre, the Icenian fusiliers have just ejected the Grenadiers Savoie from the Inn, again, while the 58th Foot is exchanging futile volleys with the Arvergnian foot occupying Bitburg itself. On the far left you can just about see the Picardie regiment starting to flee the unflinching Icenian volleys, across the closed field.
As the Kalreuth Dragoons drove the Bulkeley Regiment back in ruin, the following Dillon Regiment hastily formed square, comforted by the arrival of the first of the Arvergnian horse, the Regiment de Bourbon Cuirassiers.

However, von Lessow, commanding the Kalkreuth, was nothing loth and flung his dragoons, disordered or no, straight at the Bourbon regiment. (In truth, as the alternative seemed to be to rally directly in front of a newly-arrived Arvergnian battery, the charge looked a better choice).

Meanwhile, the Bayreuth Dragoons took the opportunity to deploy into battle line, and menace the deploying artillery.

While this was going on, the 58th Foot had decided that their firefight was pointless, and had drawn bayonets and ejected the Arvergnian Normandy regiment from Bitburg itself, in short order - ironically, just as the Savoy Grenadiers seized the Inn and Lady Bernice for the third time.

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