Friday, December 14, 2007

Bitburg, part four

The Kalkreuth Dragoons, even though disordered, held the Bourbon regiment to a draw, and both sides rapidly debouched into line.

Lentulus, having deployed his leading regiments, now led them forward, his favorite Oldenburgs in the lead. They marched up to the La Marine square, carefully preserving their fire until close range, then unleashed their first volley at this plump pigeon. Peering through the smoke, Lentulus started spluttering and gibbering, turning an alarming shade of purple, before he could clear his throat and turn to the Brigade Major. "Two dead! Two miserable men dead!! what have you done to my boys?"**. The Brigade Major turned white, then hurried down the line, quickly checking muskets and kicking the arses of sergeants.

Beyond this, the Arvergnians brought up a fresh regiment of Grenadiers, and assaulted the town, driving the 58th Foot back in some confusion.

Meanwhile, the rest of Lentulus' brigade arrived - a regiment of Fusiliers, and a combined battalion of Grenadiers.

Somewhat against the odds, the Kalkreuths drove the Bourbon regiment back in disorder, then pressed forward, inflicting further injury, despite Baron de Batz joining the Bourbons to rally them.

Meanwhile, on the left, the 12th Foot, after seeing off the Picardie Foot, had themselves been caned by Clare: maintaining good order, their much reduced ranks formed column, and fell back into reserve behind the heavy artillery, leaving the Fusiliers to face the Clare regiment. Above, you can also see the 58th Foot rallying after being ejected from Bitburg.

** First Fire, against a Dense Target, not moving, and they roll 2x1 on 2d6

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