Friday, October 12, 2007

The Army of Der Kruppfalz

After some consideration & playtesting (and much dithering), I've settled on Kunstkrieg, the SYW variant on General de Brigade, as the most suitable rules for my troops, and have based them up on that basis - not least because I've always favoured large regiments as giving more visual grandeur.

At the moment, Der Kruppsarmee consists : (pix to be added later)

  • Erprince Regiment (IR1), 2 battalions, each 24 Guard
  • Oldenburg Regiment (IR7), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Ostergotland Regiment (IR9), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Livgarden Regiment (IR2), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Vastmanland Regiment (IR10), 1 battalion, 32 Veteran line
  • Knyphausen comb. Grenadiers, 1 battalion, 32 Grenadiers

  • Sobiesky Fusiliers (IR14), 1 battalion, 32 Line
  • Butyrsky Fusiliers (IR16), 1 battalion, 24 Line
  • Lowenstein comb. Grenadiers, 1 battalion, 24 Grenadiers

  • von Lentulus Kurasserie (KR3), 12 Veteran Cuirassiers
  • von Seelhorst Kurasserie (KR6), 12 Cuirassiers
  • von Seydlitz Kurasserie (KR8), 16 Cuirassiers
  • Kalkreuth Dragoons (DR4), 12 Dragoons
  • Bayreuth Dragoons (DR5), 16 Veteran Dragoons

  • Detwald Heavy Battery, 2 12#
  • Julich Medium Battery, 2 6#

The whole is usually commanded by General von Finck, with General Lentulus and Die Altenburger leading the infantry brigades, and General Lavoissier the Dragoons - the Kurasserie has yet to find a stable commander capable of not being shot out of the saddle, slain by his wristwatch, or fleeing like a very frenchman at the first shot.

In the fullness of time, it is intended to round the army out with another pair of infantry regiments (Pfalz-Sonderheim and Schaumburger-Lippe), a Hussar regiment, some more artillery, and of course, another draught of Dragoons to expand the Bayreuth regiment's strength. Much of this already resides in the fabulous riches of Der Unbemalte Stapel (The Unpainted Pile), languishing along many an Arab, Byzantine, Roman and so on.

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