Monday, October 15, 2007

Grand Icenia

I've only made small inroads on collecting the fourth army, that of Grand Icenia and Thuringer. So far, I've accumulated some pre-painted figures, courtesy of the Great Bazaar of eBay, and none painted by my own hand: however, with the damn Yankees almost complete, this is about to change. What I have to hand is:

  • 7th (Silure) Fusiliers: 32 Veteran Line
  • 12th Regiment: 32 Line
  • 58th Regiment: 32 Line

  • Royal Lifeguard: 24 Cuirassiers
However, on the painting board are:
  • 1st (Pict) Fusiliers: 24 Veteran Line
  • 3rd Regiment: 24 Line
  • 27th Regiment: 24 Line
  • Maxwells (Fusilier) converged Grenadiers: 20 Grenadiers
  • Richards (12/58) Grenadiers: 16 Grenadiers
  • Farquharson's (3/27) Grenadiers: 16 Grenadiers
  • 1st Battery, Royal Artillery: 3 12#
  • 2nd Battery, Royal Artillery: 3 6#
And in the further distance, yet to be undercoated:
  • 43rd Light Infantry: 12 Veteran Skirmishers
  • 52nd Light Infantry: 12 Skirmishers
  • 60th Rifles: 8 2nd class Skirmishers
  • 1st (Royal) Dragoons: 12 Heavy Cavalry
  • 2nd (Pict) Dragoons: 9 Heavy Cavalry
  • 5th (Ibern) Light Dragoons: 9 Light Cavalry
Eventually, I'm aiming to add a 3rd Artillery battery, and perhaps another cavalry regiment; and to expand all the line infantry to 32-strong regiments.

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