Friday, October 12, 2007

Wye Knott

I suppose it's inevitable even the old grumblers will venture into Blogosphere - scouts posted, sentries alerted, and muskets loaded, of course.

This is intended to be a fairly occasional blog, to let me track the size and growth of my seven years war collection, and the nations thereof, and any battle reports that might ensue. Being of grandiose ambition (and ever-expanding, like my waistline, it seems), I have not a single fantasy nation, but a whole continent of them:

Der Kruppfalz (und konigreich von Rugia), ruled by the wily Kurfurst Leopold, and his dimwit son, Landgrave Joachim.

The Monarchy of Arvergne, lorded over by the otiose King Louis XXXIII

The Holy Gothic Empire (also known as the Twin Thrones, of Skyria and Avary), held in the iron fist of the Empress Josefina as Regent for her slackwilled son, Villy .. also nominally ruling over the sprawling mass of duchies, bishoprics, marks, and freistadts making up the bulk of Alamanny.

The realm of Suzlov, more or less ruled by the Tsar Vladimir

The Kingdom of Grand Icenia (or Brigant, colloquially), with it's appanage, the Duchy of Thuringer, in the firm, fair hands of King Charles III

The Rebel Scum, err, rather the Confederated States of Colonia - principally the Commonwealths of Algonquin and Bawdia, ruled by none, with the People's Assembly allegedly organising them.

and lesser players and occasions for war, such as
The Frisian Republic
The Helvetian Republic
The monarchy of Ispania
The principality of Lusitania

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