Monday, October 15, 2007

Grand Army of the Republic

I've almost completed the third force, the Rebel Scum Confederated States of Colonia, close allies to Arvergne ever since the Great Rebellion against their rightful and natural overlords, the Brigants. Being new and poor, they are so far lacking in cavalry, and their artillery has yet to be delivered by the foundries of Lyon and Dijon.

So far, the army thus consists of two divisions, from their most populace states:

  • 1st Algonquin Continentals - 24 Line
  • 2nd New Hull Continentals - 24 Line
  • 5th Algonquin Continentals - 16 2nd class Line
  • 6th Somerset Continentals - 16 2nd class Line
  • Green Mountain Rifles - 12 Veteran skirmishers
  • New Hull States Guard - 18 Militia
  • New Somerset States Guard - 18 Militia

  • 3rd Bawdian Continentals - 24 Line
  • 4th Bawdian Continentals - 20 Line
  • 7th North Clementine Continentals - 16 2nd class Line
  • Hatfield Rifles - 12 Veteran skirmishers
  • North Clementine Regiment - 24 Militia
  • South Clementine State Guard - 18 Militia
  • Janeland Home Guard - 18 Militia

Two batteries of artillery should shortly be making their way into the lists, and eventually the odd squadron of dragoons may finish falling off their horses training, and add their weight to the army.

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