Monday, October 15, 2007

Mutiny in the ranks!

Akk. I've been beseiged all evening by a pestilence of skirmishers. Upset at being omitted from the relevant lists of armies, the Arvergnard regiments:
  • Arquebusiers de Grassins (12 Skirmishers)
  • Fusiliers de Conti (15 Skirmishers)
have been pestering me to rectify my glaring omission, while the Kruppfalz troops:
  • Freikorps von Kleist (12 veteran skirmishers)
  • Freikorps von Bulow (15 2nd-rate skirmishers)
have simply staged a strike for double-pay in recompense. Consider me suitably chastised: and as double nothing is nothing, I thought to offer the Freikorps triple-pay instead.

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