Sunday, December 27, 2009

Der Unbemalte Stapel III

Well, next stage is done, here are the undercoated figures for this bunch, not yet brown-inked:

In more detail, here is the cavalry: A regiment of British Horse grenadiers, 2 regiments of Austrian cuirassiers, a regiment of Prussian Cuirassiers, and a stray (small) regiment of American cavalry

The foot, as mentioned, 1 battalion of grenadiers, 2 regiments of line, and 3/4 of another line regiment, plus the company already painted for the last

Plus, of course, a few spare brigadiers (yet to be named)

There's always something I find incredibly appealing about the crisp clean look of freshly-undercoated figures... perhaps just the neatness and highlighted detail, and part the potential of what they might look like (so often, alas, unfulfilled once completed, as my painting is never as good as I aspired to)


Bluebear Jeff said...

You have some painting to do, don't you?

Quite an impressive collection.

-- Jeff

Die alte Aechzener said...

Alas, that isn't even the full extent of unpainted SYW.

Seven years in England, picking up 2nd Front rank and Foundry packages off eBay left me with an absolute madness of unpainted lead (my ancients pile, if anything, is larger than the SYW one).

Should keep me busy for a month or twelve.