Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dienstleutenberg (3)

In the centre, Maxwell's grenadiers decided the fire was too oppressive, and the menace* of the looming artillery too much, and decamped to find a more salubrious position, sweeping away the vainly gesturing Maxwell as they went.

However, far more ominously, a weak regiment of Kruppfalz Kurasserie trotted down the road, sabres gleaming in the somewhat soggy sun. A shiver ran down the line of Colon foot, but the sturdy presence of Colonel Bickle apparently settled their nerves.

On the right, the 1st Algonquins elected to charge the advancing 39th Foot, rather than waiting for the dread cuirassiers to exploit their advent. They also drew the States Guard battalion beside them into the charge. Apparently catching the Icenians by surprise, their receiving fire was ineffectual, but the clash of bayonets was fierce on both sides, leading to both the 39th and the Algonquins breaking and running, leaving the somewhat-astonished States Guard holding the position.

On the Colonian right, the Fusiliers, having overcommitted in their charge, elected to form on the right to reposition themselves, the opposing riflemen pelting them with cottonballs and the occasional walnut (for all the effect their shooting had)

As the second line (12th Foot) moved up to replace the broken grenadiers, they in turn got assailed in their flank by a mob of shouting States Guard - however, the Icenians were apparently made of stern stuff, as they simply brushed off the charge without injury. The 2nd Algonquins, meanwhile, moved to try and screen the advancing cuirassiers.

Alas, they did not press ardently enough, and while the advancing Colonian foot all fell onto the front of the halted 12th of Foot and smashing them, the Cuirassiers fell upon the flank of the States Guard with cries of joy, breaking them immediately

General Green, meanwhile, occupied himself trying to rally the fleeing foot, to no noticable effect.

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