Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dienstleutenberg (4)

The Fusiliers, somewhat slow in their reforming, got then caught by the advancing 2nd Algonquins, whose advance inspired the riflemen lurking in the woods to more adventurous conduct (and, alas, even more adventurous marksmanship, or lack of it)

On the right, the 12th Foot fled, but Maxwell managed to rally his Grenadier battalion, and turn to face the advancing States Guard.

Meanwhile, the Cuirassiers retained control and did not pursue, instead charging down the New Hull continental regiment.

To general* amazement, however, the Novohullers retained their nerve, held fire til the last moment, and blew away the whole regiment of menacing horse with a single lethal volley, wounding the accompanying brigadier von Huff in the bargain. Pausing only for a stern cheer (Kruppfalz Sucks!), they advanced to menace the fleeing Icenian foot

On the right, the Fusiliers managed to reform their line, somewhat reduced, only to find themselves enfolded in a slow stinging fire

The reformed Grenadiers, after one swift look around the field, elected to turn and retire at the double, pursued by stinging volleys from the advancing Colonian troops

Meanwhile, the Fusiliers found themselves assaulted front and rear, insulted in flank, shaken and dismayed. Their remnants raised mitres upon bayonets, surrendering to the victorious Colon

Final count:
12th Foot: Routed, 9 casualties of 32
39th Foot: Routed, 17 casualties of 32
23rd Fusiliers: Wiped out, 22 casualties, 10 prisoners
Maxwells Grenadiers: Retreated in good order, 19 casualties of 32
Seydlitz Kurassierie: Wiped out, 12 casualties of 12

1st Algonquin Continentals: Routed, 14 casualties of 24
2nd Algonquin Continentals: Good order, 3 casualties of 24
1st New Hull Continentals: Good order, 8 casualties of 24
1st New Hull States Guard: Good order: 5 casualties of 18
2nd New Hull States Guard: Routed, 11 casualties of 18
Schiphol Rifles: Good Order, 0 casualties of 12
Green Mountain Rifles: Good order, 4 casualties of 12
Algonquin Artillery battery: Good order, no casulties of 8

*Well, mine anyway!


Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent report! Sounds like a fun game with plenty of surprises!

I noticed some counters next to some units, for example, the crossed swords next to the cuirassiers in one pic. I assume these are used for informational purposes? They fit in nicely.

Die alte Aechzener said...

Yes - as I have them mounted in 4s and 8s, I used sabres & musket counters for casualties - they were surprisingly cheap from Front Rank