Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dienstleutenberg (2)

Green peered again through the borrowed telescope, and sure enough, hot on the heels of the quick-marching Colonnials were a brigade of the damn Icenians, two regiments of foot heading the pursuit.

Bickle led his Continentals off to form the far left of the front line, followed by half his State Guard, while he sent the rest to reinforce the second line, forming in between the two Alqonquin regiments

The evil Icenian commander, however, seemed to elect to avoid the woods on the right, and started forming up opposite the Colonian left, with the regular foot forming in two lines, and a combined battalion of grenadiers (Maxwell's) extending the front line.

Last of the Brigade on to the field was a regiment of fusiliers, the famed 23rd Gwynedd, and these seemed to show some inclination to at least mask the wood to avoid insult to the flank of the advancing foot.

While the Icenians formed up, and pressed forward their attack, the Colon Artillery popped away several times, to little discernable effect - the only hit Green spotted was when a pair of oxen went flying into the air, presumably saving some butcher the effort of providing dinner that evening.

On the Right, the Green Mountain Rifles got a trifle keen and pressed too close to the advancing Fusiliers, and a well-timed first volley from the latter laid a third of them hors de combat. The Schiphols, rather more cannily, loitered in the fringe of the woods, potting away the occasional shot but to little effect on either side.

The Icenians kept pressing forward, drawing the 1st Algonquins off the hill to support the first line, while their sister regiment pressed forward to assail the apparently exposed flank. A fierce exchange of first volleys on the Colonian left was equal in overall injury, but the weight of numbers on the more exposed grenadiers on the right, told viciously. The New Hull Continentals
took damage, but the straight shooting from the 2nd Algonquins laid low many a furred hat, and the Grenadiers reeled under the press of damage.

On the right, the Fusiliers charged with a mighty Gwynedd shout, but failed to catch either rifle battalion, altho the Schiphol boys were so dilatory in their endeavours, the glittering bayonets came close

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